Most listeners and viewers welcoming RA into the spotlight, will sense a breath of fresh air as they experience his heartfelt, refined, edgy vocals and lyricism. Currently, dumbed down hooks and heavily auto tuned vocals dominate the airwaves. Singer, songwriter, producer and actor RA (born Rapheal Dejaughn Miller), will be like your favorite wine, something you have to savor. RA is committed to being "unsKrypted" which represents being true to you and being unrehearsed. Refusing to stay in "the box," RA also coined the word "unsKrypted" because of his diverse musical influence, which includes blue grass soul, rock, folk and r&b.

"In a city where the tag line is Chicago Hates You, it always feels great to know that real music will get through the clutter and I am thrilled to bring to the world my experiences with great music and integrity." RA's testing ground is Chicago, IL where critics are vast and the origin of house, blues and soul music resides. Many breaking artists put in the groundwork well before their "Big Break" and RA is no exception. Being classically trained in vocal performance and coming from a family history of music including Grammy award winning producer, Maurice Joshua, RA has honed his craft to deliver precision. Already being signed to 2 independent recording contracts where RA felt creatively restricted, it served as a mini boot camp. Although his name may be new to you, from the age of 16, RA has already frequented the airwaves of Chicago's most popular radio stations from B96 to WGCI, starred in several hit plays throughout the Chicago land area including Raisin in the Sun and Larinda Brown's Favor Ain't Fair, performed on BET network and opened up for Montell Jordan, R Kelly's Public Announcement, Jeremih, and Paul Wall just to name a few.

In every note RA sings, it is evident that his music targets the classy, independent, educated and sexually in tune woman. Although RA will be soft on the eyes and represent everything you can bring home to mom, do not be surprised by his sometimes-provocative lyrics that showcase the art of lovemaking, which he boasts to have mastered. The uprising of renaissance men such as Miguel, Kanye and Ryan Leslie has conditioned the radio's ear for real music. It is no coincidence that the word RA, stands for sunlight because real music is rising. RA will be one of music's rays of light and he is here to stay.